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D&G Music Artist: David Simmons

Updated: Mar 28, 2020


David Simmons, former guitarist and songwriter of the popular 80’s rock band DC Star, is also the owner and co-founder of David and Goliath Music. David and Goliath Music One marked his first solo release.

David and grammy nominated musician and audio engineer John Grant produced David and Goliath Music One at John’s studio Secret Sound. The two of them played all the instruments and sang background vocals with David singing lead vocals on four songs and guest vocalist Tracey Tiernan singing the other two. David Simmons and writing partner Ray “Goliath” McCrory co-wrote the material.

In 2011 David decided to have a vocalist re-sing country material that he and John had already produced. This led to the release of “American All Star” featuring Mark Bray. The CD was unexpectedly nominated by the ICMA for Indie Country Record of 2012 and Song of the Year for the track co-written with Mark entitled “Then I Wake Up”!

While finishing David and Goliath Music One, and other projects including “Leviathan” by Carlton Saunders, David developed a partnership with young NY music producer, artist and writer Eric Dalton. Their 2016 release “Elephant Rumor” points to a great new future for David and Goliath Music!

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Hey Dave! This Ronny Ricks from Good Times Cafe Poughkeepsie NY! Man would love to hear from you! My number is 704-488-1852. Call or text me would love to catch up from the good old days!

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