Carlton Saunders first release "LEVIATHAN" has the colossal title for several reasons. First, the CD is a large compilation of the best recordings he produced after many years in the music business. And second, he did not want the compositions to become "endangered” like the magnificent sea creatures.


With the design and direction of producer David Simmons, the LEVIATHAN CD is a real souvenir. It was edited and mastered in New York by David Simmons and recording engineer and rising star in his own right Eric Dalton.


The 11 original songs on the digital release span the best tracks of several of Carlton’s bands to fully produced instrumental selections. The title track and several others were recorded and mixed at The Record Plant in Los Angles.


Those tracks are: Global Cool / Solo piano, LEVIATHAN, Scotch Street, Take My Hand, Send Me A Letter, Gulbransen, Global Cool / Studio Version, Insect Jazz, Bretton Woods, Fool’s Gold, Take My Hand / Duet and Leviathan Lament.


For Carlton’s fans the souvenir CD also includes 5 exclusive piano solo tracks. These classic cover songs are Louisiana, Booker’s Notion, Edelweiss, New Orleans Piano and his powerful rendition of The Pink Panther Theme.

LEVIATHAN by Carlton Saunders