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-PhotO GALlery-

Ken Taylor&Henry Farmer DCStar 1980
DC Star Live!
DC Star Live -w- Logo
Glenn Jones drums DC Star
DC Star
DC Star - Flashboxes
DC Star Band B/W1984
David Simmons DC Star
Ken Taylor's "blue skunk" outfit
Glenn Jones flaming solo!
Ken Taylor 1981
Jeff Avery on keyboards
DC Star @ The Capitol Center in Largo MD 1983
Jeff Avery on guitar
Henry Farmer on bass
Dave Simmons - DC Star
DC Star after the show
Glenn Jones - DC Star Drummer
Kenny's black skunk suit
David Simmons - Double Neck Guitar
Ken Taylor in shorts
DCS Reunion 1992
Kenny Taylor 2002
Jeff Avery & Dave Simmons 1983
Jeff Avery - DC Star
Ken Taylor
Dave Simmons - DC Star 1981
Henry Farmer on bass
Ken Taylor - DC Star 1984
DC Star Band - 1982
David Simmons - DC Star @The Sandbar
Ken Taylor - More Cowbell 1983
Dave Simmons - BC Rich Bich guitar 1984
Jeff Avery v- DC Star
Henry Farmer and his Star Guitar
David Simmons - DC Star 1982 copy
Ken Taylor live
Jeff Avery on keyboards
Glenn Jones - drums 1981
Jeff Avery on stage
Jeff Avery & David Simmons 1983
Jumping Ken Flash
Henry Farmer - DC Star
Ken Taylor @ The Network 1988
Jeff Avery & David Simmons 1982
Jumping Ken Flash 2
Henry Farmer & Ken Taylor @ DC Star Reunion 1988
DS w Strat 1978 copy
Henry copy
DS Strat 1981 copy
DS outdoors 1983 copy
DS Network 1984 copy
DC Star live 1 copy
DC Star at The Wax-Museum / DC1985
The band DC Star 1983
DCS @ Seagull 1988 copy 2
David Simmons - DCStar
DC Star in concert 4 copy
DC Star in concert 2 copy
Dave copy
DC Star at The Wax-Museum in DC-1985
DC Star in concert 3 copy
3. Capitol 2 copy
Henry 2 copy
DS w LesPaul 1979 copy
7. KT 1984 copy
2. Stage 1 copy
Stage with Ken the showman
Ken and mic stand
DC Star - Henry Farmer
David Stripes
DC STAR -w- Pat b:w 4 1977 copy
DC STAR Band promo picture 1977
DC Star @ The Capitol 1978  copy
DC Star b:w 1979
DC Star at The Sandbar 1980
DC STAR AT&E promotional flyer -1978
Ken Taylor
Kenny Taylor
Kenny Taylor - DC Star 1978
Dave Simmons 1976
David Simmons
Dave with L'Amour's shirt
Starz - Jeff Avery 1977
Jeff Avery
Jeff Avery playing keyboards 1978
Henry Farmer
Starz b:w Henry 1977 copy
Henry Farmer - DC Star 1978
Glenn Jones
DC Star at The Bayou 1978
David Simmons - DC Star 1978
Henry Farmer - DC Star 1978
Starz b:w DS & KT 1977 copy
Starz b:w Dave 1977 copy
DC Star live -1978
DC Star Live!
DC Star in the dressing room
Ken with his chest out and half shirt
Dave with a white strat 2978
Ken Taylor live
Jeff Avery - DC Star
Jeff Avery & David Simmons 1979
Dave Simmons - DC Star
Glen Jones drumming
Dave Simmons - DC Star
DC Star on stage
1. KT Network 1981 copy
David Simmons - DC Star
Jeff Avery - DC Star
Frontman Kenny Taylor
Henry Farmer on Bass Guitar
Glenn Jones - DC Star
DC Star on stage
DC Star - Dave Simmons
Dave Simmons singing
Jeff Avery - DC Star
Kenny Taylor DC Star vocalist
DC Star reunion 2002
Henry Farmer DC Star Bassist
Kenny Taylor - DC Star
David Simmons - DC Star
Kenny Taylor on stage
Glenn Jones behind the drums
DC Star - Flashboxes
Kenny Taylor - DC Star
Dave Townsend
Glenn Jones on drums
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