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David & Goliath Music founders David Simmons and Ray “Goliath” McCrory are committed to helping artists reach their highest musical potential. We specialize in songwriting, production, and developing up-and-coming talent.

David & Goliath Music is associated with Grammy nominated musician, producer and audio engineer John Grant. And with the addition of writer, producer, musician and audio engineer Eric Dalton we aspire to new heights in composition, production capabilities and contemporary musical direction.

Produers John, Eric and Dave of D&G Music

Producers John Grant, Eric Dalton and David Simmons

Production + Mastering

David and Goliath Music produces state of the art material at Secret Sound in Middle River MD assisted by Grammy nominated producer John Grant and at EDP Studio in New York with accredited audio engineer Eric Dalton.


We also offer pre-production sessions at our headquarters in Baltimore MD and in NY at EDP because preparation is the best way to achieve the quality you wish for and deserve.  


Whether you want a simple demo or a full blown production, we create the right sonic landscape to showcase your music. Both of our recording studios use iZotope Ozone mastering software for incredibly dynamic, high quality sounding releases. 


graphic equalizer

Recording + Performance

We are able to record full rock bands at both of our recording studios and accommodate very large groups at Secret Sound.


In addition to the knowledge and experience we bring to the studio another big advantage is that all of our producers are also musicians.


Both John Grant and Eric Dalton are excellent guitarists, vocalists and multi-instrumentalists that can add almost anything needed to polish off a project. David Simmons also plays guitar and keyboards but is better known these days for amazing insights, co-writing abilities and synergy that makes him truly unique. 

go arrow david and goliath music

Songwriting + Development

Great music begins with great ideas. But it’s often said “the best songs aren’t written, they’re re-written.” David Simmons, Ray “Goliath” McCrory, and Eric Dalton come from performing and songwriting backgrounds, each with years of experience writing in multiple genres.

Whether your material “still needs work” or you are “ready to record” our team, beginning with David Simmons, works with you to organize your ideas, develop song structures, and clarify chords and melodies to make each composition as strong and impactful as possible. 

David Simmons working with Eric Dalton

Mentoring + Critiques

As you navigate through the stages of your career, your mentors will be your closest friends and allies in the business. It’s paramount to have an experienced advisor you trust to keep you focused and on the right track to achieving your goals and delivering your best performances. 

We offer low cost critiques of your songs and co-writing services. Our honest, hard-working approach will help you establish solid objectives and priorities, and help you accomplish them on your busy schedule.

The Franklin Girls

Direction + Management

Direction and management can make the difference between a successful career and one that never reaches its true potential.

Having an experienced music industry pro on your side is invaluable when it comes to knowing what to do and what not to do. We will help you present yourself and your music most effectively.


We work with experts that can help with your publicity and social networking. And when the time comes to shop your material we are connected with industry insiders that could get you your shot at the top.

Producer David Simmons
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