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The powerhouse rockers DC Star formed in the Washington DC suburbs and performed throughout the Mid-Atlantic region long before they recorded their first record. The band released the 45 single “Blue Sparks” in 1977 and their last Mirage/Atlantic album came out in 1985.

After the passing of vocalist and front man Ken Taylor in 2011 it would have been easy to let the memories of the iconic rock group fade into history. But with the encouragement and support of friends and fans guitarist and writer David Simmons preserves the memories.

The About section,  Video section and Photo Gallery are refreshed and updated for 2021.

We hope you enjoy your trip down Rock-and-Roll Memory lane and welcome you to send questions or contact band members through the links below. Rock on!    


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The Best of DC Star
Records 1977 – 1983



Blue Sparks / Is It You? / Makin’ Time Don’t Call Me Punk / No Friend of Mine Wastin’ Time / Keeper Of The Keys

 Stop The World From Turning 

 Both Feet On The Ground

Love Me Love Me Drive Me Insane


DC Star
“Rockin’ in the Classroom”




I Wanna Rock Tonight

 Rockin’ in the Classroom

 Do You Know What I Mean 

 Feelin’ Good to Me




Come Back to Me

Tell Me Like It Is

Call Her The Wild  

Welcome to Miller Time

Livin’ in a Rock and Roll Whirl

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