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UNFINISHED BUSINESS is the first of a trilogy of albums by DC Star currently slated for release. The journey began in 2000 with the first digital transfers of reel-to-reel tape masters and cassette tapes of the band’s material. In 2010 David and Goliath Music partnered with Retrospect Records to release the first digital DC Star music “The Best of DC Star Records” and “Best of DC Star Records Vol.2”. Sadly in 2011 DC Star’s vocalist Kenny Taylor passed away and it seemed that the group’s legacy was finished.

In 2015 Canadian Label Unidisc digitally re-released DC Star’s Mirage / Atlantic Record “Rockin’ in the Classroom” creating copyright issues. To avoid litigation, the first 2 DC Star releases were discontinued and David and Goliath Music re-released the band’s top material on “The Best of DC Star Records – 1977/83”. But in that process several songs were left out.

More DC Star material was languishing on the original 5 x 90-minute data discs along with material from nearly 100 cassette tapes that have been digitally remastered as well. Tracks range from acoustic song writing work and rehearsal sessions to top track out takes and studio recordings including songs recorded ay both Media Sound and RCA Studio that remained unfinished. 

With only one other possible destination, oblivion, David Simmons hooked up with audio engineer and co-producer John Grant to filter out and finish as many release quality tracks as possible. We’ve used state of the art mastering program iZotope’s Ozone RX to pull music back out of the dated, damaged and sonically compromised tape versions. John also added backgrounds vocals and acoustic guitar to “All Comes Down To Love” and guitar solos on “Lay Down The Law”.  

The songs on UNFINISHED BUSINESS were originally recorded at 5 different studios so just getting continuity for one album was tough. But in the end I want real fans of DC Star to hear Kenny Taylor again and enjoy the band once more, with all the original intimacy and imperfections. I hope you enjoy this release as much as I enjoyed making it and thank you sincerely for your continued support for DC Star.

 DC STAR is:

 Kenny Taylor – Lead vocals

David Simmons – Guitar & vocals

Jeff Avery – Guitar, keyboards & vocals 

Henry Farmer – Bass guitar  

Glenn Jones - Drums




Produced by David Simmons for David and Goliath Music

Edited & mastered by David Simmons and John Grant at Secret Sound Studio

Cover design and graphics Susan Singer / Photo – Robert Sherbow

Songs written by David Simmons and Ray McCrory except: 

"Dreaming Of You" by Jeff Avery, Kenny Taylor 

David Simmons and Ray McCrory 

“All Comes Down to Love” by Jefferson Antel


Come Back To Me

 Egyptian Queen

Recorded at Flite Three Studio Baltimore Md.

Produced by DC Star / Engineered by Victor Giordano


Dreaming Of You

Recorded at No Evil Studios Washington DC

Produced by DC Star assisted by Nick Koumoutseas



All Comes Down to Love*

Give Your Love to Me

The Torch Song

Recorded at RCA Studios New York NY

Produced by DC Star – * Additional guitar and vocals by John Grant

Closer To You

 I Like It

Recorded at National Sound Baltimore Md.

Produced by DC Star assisted by Eugene Marro


Lay Down The Law

Recorded at Media Sound New York NY

Produced by Michael Brauer & DC Star

The “scratch” vocal track was intended for reference only. Guitar solo by John Grant.


© 2022 David and Goliath Music


Special Thanks to:

David Sherbow, Ray McCrory, Jefferson Antel, Caltrick Simone, Mediamax Corporation, RCA Studios, Michael Brauer, Eddie DeJoy, Frank D’Amico, Hilly Michaels, Stephan Galfas,

our families, friends, and most of all to our Fans.


Road Crew: Larry Alvey, Danny Barncyz, Joe Moss, Nick Whitelaw, Tony Byrd,

Sam Battaglia, Steve Aitken, Vanessa Koolhof, Billy McGunagal, David Taylor


In special memory of:

Vocalist Kenneth Russell Taylor

Guitarist, Keyboardist, Vocalist Jeffrey Floyd Avery

Sound tech David Taylor


Drummer Pat McGowan 

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