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DC Star

Rockin' in the Classroom





I Wanna Rock Tonight / Rockin’ in the Classroom / Do You Know What I Mean 

Feelin’ Good to Me / Fortuneteller


Comeback to Me / Tell Me Like It Is / Call Her The Wild  

Welcome to Miller Time  / Livin’ in a Rock and Roll Whirl


Unidisc Music, an independent label located in Montreal Canada, re-released DC Star’s 1985 Mirage / Atlantic record “Rockin’ in the Classroom” on iTunes and other digital retailers!

This release marks the first time “Rockin’ in the Classroom”, DC Star’s remake of Brownsville Station’s hit “Smokin’ in the Boy’s Room”, has been digitally available along with the re-mixed “I Wanna Rock Tonight” sound track from the 1985 video.


Other songs on this release are “Do You Know What I Mean“, “Feelin’ Good To Me” and “Fortuneteller” along with 5 Live Tracks that deliver the hard hitting power and energy DC Star was best known for.

Graphics and music from "Rockin' in the Classroom" ©Unidisc Music  Quebec, Canada

Rockin’ in the Classroom


Executive Producers David A. Sherbow & Michael Hektoen

Produced by Hilly Michaels & Stephan Gelfas

Album cover – Bob Defrin / Back cover photos - Richard Wagner


Recorded at Atlantic Studios NYC 1985

Rockin’ in the Classroom (Smokin’ in the Boys Room)

C. Koda, R. Lutz – Revised lyrics / R. McCrory

Produced by Jim Delehant & Stephen Galfas

Assisted by Stephen Benben & Dan Nash


“Livin’ In a Rock and Roll Whirl” Record & Sessions / 1982-1984

Recorded by Mediamax Corp. @ Media Sound Studios, NYC

I Wanna’ Rock Tonight / D. Lubahm, DC Star

Do You Know What I Mean / L. Michaels

Feelin’ Good To Me / R. McCrory, D. Simmons

Produced by Hilly Michaels & Stephan Gelfas for Mediamax

Production Assistants Bruce Smith & Fernando Kral


Fortuneteller / R. McCrory, D. Simmons

Produced by Caltrick Simone & DC Star / Engineered by Pete Thea


Live @ Sheffield Audio Productions, Baltimore, Md. / 1984

Comeback To Me / R. McCrory, D. Simmons

Tell Me Like It Is / R. McCrory, D. Simmons

Call Her The Wild / R. McCrory, DC Star

Livin’ In A Rock And Roll Whirl / D. Simmons, K. Taylor

Produced by Stefan Gelfas / Assisted by Victor Giordano

Remixed @ Media Sound NYC, by Stefan Gelfas


Songs © Davey & Goliath Music Except; 

I Wanna’ Rock Tonight © Little J Music BMI – Do You Know What I Mean © La Brea 

Sattwa Music BMI – Smokin’ In The Boys Room / © Walden Music ASCAP


Special Thanks to:

David Sherbow, Ray McCrory, Frank D’Amico, Doug Lubahn,

Mediamax Corporation, Stephan Gelfas, Alan St. Jon, Phil Grande,

Carmine Rojas, Hilly Michaels, Earl Slick, Jerry Greenberg,

Jefferson Antel, Caltrick Simone, Families, Friends, And most of all our Fans.


DC Star Road Crew:

Larry “Crash” Alvey, Bill “Boy Lee” Wight, Joe “Beast” Bogholtz,

“Lil Dave” Ringsdorf, Jim “Tater” Herrick, Nicky “Neutron” Whitelaw


In special memory of: Vocalist Kenneth Russell Taylor

Sound tech David Taylor & Drummer Pat McGowan

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