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Christian Artist: Tracey Tiernan

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Tracey Tiernan has been singing professionally since the age of 16 and recorded several releases with Christian vocal group “Unveiled”. She is also a popular radio personality and host of “The Morning Show” on WRBS 95.1 Shine FM.

John Grant from Secret Sound Studios had produced the Unveiled projects and become a good friend of Tracey’s. John referred associate producer David Simmons to Tracey when he was looking for a vocalist to sing wedding tribute song, “Between Now and Then“. Her emotional performance inspired David to have her sing “Give Love!” which completed the tracks on “David and Goliath Music One“. Her indispensable contributions to the project make her an honorary guest artist on the D&G Music roster.

Tracey is highly involved in charity and outreach, has served as a missionary in Haiti and is an associate pastor with Bridgeway Community Church in Columbia Md.

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