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D&G adds MERCH Navi - Link for 4th of July Sale!

Five years ago Susan Singer of Reach Digital Consulting and I partnered up to redesign and manage the David and Goliath Music website. Working together the site has turned out as great as we ever imagined!

Although we have always tried to make the site user friendly, we still get messages from visitors asking “Where do I get a DC Star CD”, “How do I get a T-shirt” or “How do I play music?” Hmmmmmmm. So …..

For the first time on the D&G Music website we’ve embedded a MERCH link to our Music Store in the navigation area. This link will streamline transactions for visitors who enter the site just to buy a shirt or CD.

And by the way: We are having a 4th of July Sale on T-shirts, all sizes $19.95 each … plus shipping. You “really big” DC Star fans can save up to $7.00 on 2XL and 3XL sizes! With the sleeves cut off these oversized cotton T’s double as comfy girl’s beach & pool cover-ups or guy’s macho muscle shirts. A great gift for a friend who still celebrates the 80’s!

For those of you who just want to hear music, when you select a David and Goliath Music Release the music player is now on the top of the page. So you can start the music immediately and you can listen for free as many times as you like.

And for those of you that still like playing CDs, we have a handful of “D&G Music CD Blowout” offers left in the store: All 5 D&G Music CDs for $12.95 plus shipping. That’s 5 CDs for around $20. Another great gift for CD spinners.

We have also revised our “light-boxes”. They are the windows that pop open before you enter the website with quick links to several recent NEWS headlines. We have made some serious updates to the website and don’t want you to miss anything!

Thank you for supporting David and Goliath Music, the home of

I hope and pray the rest of your summer is safe and most of all … fun!

- Best. David Simmons

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