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D&G Music enlists Susan Singer to build a new website!

Updated: Apr 3, 2020


Several years ago Susan Singer, the owner of Reach Digital Management, re-contacted D&G Music Producer David Simmons. David had been on Facebook for a long time but was inexperienced and reluctant to move forward with the platform. With Susan’s help he setup a new D&G Music Facebook page and took control of DC Star’s FB band page.

Susan encouraged David to expand his horizons, pointing out that keeping the website and social media vibrant and alive was not vanity but the best way to reward, and interact with, existing fans and clients and establish new ones. As a young girl Susan was a fan of David’s band DC Star so he trusted her, took her advice and implemented many of her suggestions. Both Susan and David love to engage people with stories and music that make them smile. So they hit it off and in 2017 D&G Music hired Reach Digital Management to supply active monthly support for digital and social media presence.

Last year as work on the website accelerated it became obvious that the framework of the 10 year old website had become obsolete and needed to be replaced. It seemed like a daunting task but David and Susan agreed to do it together and plans for a new state of the art website began. Now, after months of hard work the new David and Goliath Music website is finished and online!

There are contact links on many of the pages so whether you are a new visitor to David and Goliath Music or an existing fan of DC Star we would love to hear from you! And if you have a business or website that needs technical assistance, internet marketing direction or even motivational help, D&G Music recommends that you contact Susan Singer @ Reach Digital Management for expert advice that is both honest and affordable. She can also be reached directly at

Enjoy the new website and happy browsing!

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