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DC Star members appear on FPR Podcast

Michael Spedden Actor
Michael Spedden of Fowl Players Radio

When Michael Spedden asked DC Star to appear on his podcast Fowl Players

Radio, guitarist David Simmons and drummer Glenn Jones were available and happy to jump on board.

David Simmons and Glenn Jones of DC Star

Michael, who is also a musician and actor on stage and in TV appearances, has guests on his show that represent many art forms and focus on their cultural and regional impacts. The unscripted podcast was so much fun that the time flew by and only scratched the surface of the band’s long and interesting story. Hopefully the band members will be back again to continue with their saga as well as hearing more of Michael Barton’s interesting observations.


I encourage DC Star fans to give a listen to the podcast when you have a chance. And be sure to check out all of the other fantastic guests from previous FPR episodes too! You too will be surprised at the quality presentation Michael delivers on Fowl Players Radio. Listen @ FOWL PLAYERS RADIO.

David Simmons of DC STAR
David Simmons

Man drumming
Glenn Jones

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