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'DC STAR TRILOGY' CD's are shipping NOW!

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Over 20 years ago, the digitizing, cataloging, editing and grading of DC Star material from analog tapes began. Earlier digital releases came down when UNIDISC acquired DC Star’s Atlantic release “Rockin’ in the Classroom” and put it on the net in 2015. In order to keep the older music alive David and Goliath Music re-released the earlier music on “The Best of DC Star Records”.

But there was still so much music that our fans had not heard. So, 2 years ago I began working with John Grant at Secret Sound to see if we could use state of the art mastering programs to produce new versions of the songs. And the results were outstanding! So much so that we produced 3 full length albums for release in 2022. And today … souvenir CDs are ready to ship!

The UNFINISHED BUSINESS "Trilogy" Package consists of 3 discs of 3 new, full length DC Star digital releases. "UNFINISHED BUSINESS" and "Memories and Fantasy" are in the souvenir package and the bonus **Unplugged** CD is also included.

** Although "Memories and Fantasy" won't be released digitally until 11/01/22 and **Unplugged** will debut on 11/24/22 if you buy this package you get all the music NOW! That's right, you'll get to own and preview the new material even before it is released!

“UNFINISHED BUSINESS” features: Come Back To Me, Dreaming Of You, Egyptian Queen, Daydreamer, All Comes Down To Love, Closer To You, Give Your Love To Me, I Like It, The Torch Song and Lay Down The Law

"Memories and Fantasy" has 4 unedited versions of favorites from the band's picture disc master tapes along with 8 more never before released tracks: Tell Me Like It Is, Feeling Good To Me, Walk Away "Live", Broken Heart, Is It You?, Live And Love, Wasting' Time, Punk (the idea), Don't Call Me Punk, Play Play Play "Live", Makin' Time (long version) and a track from the band's last demo featuring vocalist John Frederick entitled Show Me The Way.

** Unplugged ** features never before heard acoustic demo tapes of: I Create A Song, Tell Me Like It Is, Play Play Play, Closer To You, Lonely, Give And Take, No One Of Her Own, I Like It, I Just Want To Belong, The Sun and Walk Away.

If you collect CDs, DC Star CDs or still just prefer spinning discs on your great sounding stereo this set is for you!

A crescendo of emotion has been building up while listening to all the old DC Star material and finally getting the music released. But as with so many other DC Star accomplishments this one too was marked with tragedy.

On September 9th 2022 we learned of the passing of DC Star’s great guitarist, vocalist and keyboard player Jeff Avery. He died peacefully of natural causes with his wife Linda by his side. Earlier Facebook posts were suspended to honor a private request but fitting tributes to an amazing musician and friend will be done with dignity when the time is appropriate.

David and Goliath Music and the other members of DC Star want to dedicate “UNFINISHED BUSINESS” to the memory of our bandmate and beloved friend.

- David Simmons / David and Goliath Music

Jeffrey Floyd Avery, DCStar/Guitarist, Keyboardist, Vocalist

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