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Eric Dalton joins D&G Music Roster!

Updated: Mar 28, 2020


Artist, writer, guitarist and audio engineer Eric Dalton has agreed to writing, production and publishing deals with David and Goliath Music! Eric graduated from Mercy College in NY with a Bachelor of Science in Music Production and Technology. He joins the D&G Music team as writer, artist and house audio engineer.

Producer David Simmons has been working with Eric as an artist for several years. The combination of David and Ray (Goliath) McCrory’s song crafting and production experience with Eric’s writing, performing and state of the art audio engineering skills promise to yield a powerful synergy to new D&G Music creations! David and Eric have already produced “LEVIATHAN” for another D&G Music artist Carlton Saunders and recorded 2 original projects that predominately feature Eric’s powerful vocals, guitar work and rock solid production.

Connect with Eric on Facebook - HERE

Eric Dalton Productions - HERE

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