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Updated: Apr 1, 2020


Carlton Saunders release “LEVIATHAN” is an anthology of material he recorded spanning many years as a performer in bands and as a solo keyboardist. Selections range from newly recorded piano pieces and original compositions recorded in Carlton’s 24-track studio to full blown rock tunes indicative of the time period when they were first written and recorded.

Producer David Simmons learned of Carlton through a mutual friend. After a year of careful consideration he came up with a concept and suggested they work together to turn Carlton’s eclectic array of songs into one congruent collection.

The 11 original songs on the digital release span the best material from Carlton’s bands to his most innovative studio creations.

LEVIATHAN” features: Global Cool / piano version, LEVIATHAN, Scotch Street, Take My Hand, Send Me A Letter, Gulbransen, Global Cool / studio version, Insect Jazz, Bretton Woods, Fool’s Gold, Take My Hand / unplugged and Leviathan Lament.

As a special treat for Carlton’s fans the souvenir “LEVIATHAN” CD also includes 5 exclusive solo piano pieces. These well loved classic cover songs are: Louisiana / Booker’s Notion / Edelweiss / New Orleans Piano, and a powerful rendition of The Pink Panther Theme.

LEVIATHAN” – Produced and mastered by David Simmons and Eric Dalton.

Preview "LEVIATHAN" here

BUY THE CD - here

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