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New "News" on the Horizon!

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

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For those of us in the music industry getting back into the swing of anything has been a slow and uncertain climb. My tech consultant and administrative partner Susan Singer of Reach Digital Consulting and I have been working to improve website functions while keeping it refreshed and secure. Those goals are always moving targets and continue to be challenges.

I want to assure fans of DC Star and all of you who have been supporting David and Goliath Music that we are still alive and well and have “New” releases in the works!

Our affiliate in NY Eric Dalton has made tremendous progress with EDP Studio and has more clients than ever. His skills as an audio and video technician improve daily. Before I had surgery in 2020 Eric and I began another metal project that includes his dad, DC Star’s bassist Henry Farmer. The instrumentals are inspired by ideas Henry brought to me so it only made sense for him to take the lead … Lead bass that is!

We have 6 bombastic tracks recorded and now that I’m back to work we hope to finish them in the year ahead. The name of the project is officially un-determined. But since it has an explosive sound like Elephant Rumour and I love the album artwork Susan Singer and I designed already ... I used it here anyway ...

Over the last 2 years Eric Dalton produced a myriad of artists making tremendous strides in his talents as well. As the sound engineer at the infamous “Chance Theatre” (Poughkeepsie, NY) he works with all the local and national acts that grace the stage.

Eric, who continues writing and working on his solo career, just booked a 3.02.22 concert date at The Chance to debut his new material. It will be his first stage show as a performer since the demise of his metal band Retrofeelya. And as if that doesn’t sound like being busy enough; Eric is getting married to his long time GF Kara Burke before Christmas!

Check up on Eric Dalton and his new projects here:

two cool guys at a sound board
John Grant and David Simmons

During the apparent lull in activity at D&G Music, I blew the dust off of the old priority lists, ironed out a plan, rejoined John Grant at Secret Sound and went to work the easy way: re-mastering old recordings of DC Star.

We use state of the art software including iZotope’s Ozone mastering suite to achieve amazing results. It’s always a great blessing to be in the studio with John Grant again!

mastering board
A Mastering Session at Secret Sound

In the late 80’s swift changes in the music business combined with vocalist Kenny Taylor’s illness diagnosis caused DC Star’s collapse leaving large volumes of music in limbo. After Ken’s death it became rudely apparent that years of hard work and amazing performances were destined for the dumpster. So for over a decade I have been digitally re-mastering music from records, reel-to-reel tapes and cassettes, many of which were previously re-mastered from other tape and ADAT formats.

The Best of DC Star Records” was the first cumulation of the band’s releases with many fan favorites. But there is more music to do.

reel to reel tape displaying dc stary unfinished business
Reel To Reel 'Unfinished Business'

Since David and Goliath Music owns the original and newly re-mastered recordings, and Ray (Goliath) McCrory and I wrote the songs and control the copyrights; We have decided to share select material that we believe DC Star fans will treasure.

The first release will be unplugged recordings of originals done solely for the ears of Atlantic Records and other industry reps. The guitar playing and performances are basic and raw ... but some of Ken Taylor’s vocals are among the best he ever delivered.

You can bet that as soon as the plans are finalized you will be the first to know!

Wishing you all the best for the Holiday Seasons ahead!

And …

Thank you as always for your interest and continued support of

DC Star and David and Goliath Music!

Yours truly, David Simmons

Writer / Music Producer

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