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The Best of DC Star Records

Updated: Mar 30, 2020


Between 1977 and 1983 the classic rock group DC Star released a number of vinyl records. They included two singles on Secant Records, an EP picture disk bearing best known song “Is It You” and full length record “Livin’ in a Rock and Roll Whirl” featuring the hit “I Wanna Rock Tonight” on Escape Records. As members of the Miller High Life Rock to Riches Network they also released songs on 6 radio station compilation records in Washington DC and New York.

“The Best of DC Star Records 1977-1983” contains the most popular selections of this material and two bonus tracks!

When DC Star signed with Atlantic Records they re-named “Livin’ in a Rock and Roll Whirl” – “Rockin’ in the Classroom” after the band adding the new title track. The new record and video was released in 1985 on ATCO subsidiary Mirage.

Rockin’ in the Classroom” by DC Star was subsequently digitally re-released in 2015 by independent Canadian label Unidisc Music.

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DC Star consisted of premier vocalist Kenny Taylor, David Simmons on guitar and vocals, Jeff Avery on guitar, keyboards and vocals, Henry Farmer on bass guitar and Glenn Jones on drums.

“The Best of DC Star Records 1977-1983” was re-mastered in 2015 by David Simmons and John Grant at Secret Sound Studios using Izotope’s Ozone ™ software. This revolutionary mastering process created tracks that sound even more dynamic than when they were produced years ago!

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