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1985 DC Star record re-released

Updated: Mar 28, 2020


Unidisc Music, an independent label located in Montreal Canada, re-released DC Star’s 1985 Mirage / Atlantic record “Rockin’ in the Classroom” on iTunes and other digital retailers!

This release marks the first time “Rockin’ in the Classroom” (DC Star’s remake of Brownsville Station’s hit “Smokin’ in the Boy’s Room”) has been digitally available along with the re-mixed “I Wanna Rock Tonight” sound track from the 1985 video. Other popular songs are “Do You Know What I Mean“, “Fortuneteller” and “Feelin’ Good To Me” along with 5 Live Tracks that deliver the hard hitting power and energy DC Star was best known for.

Footnote: The two previous DC Star iTunes releases “The Best of DC Star – Record Classics” and “The Best of DC Star Volume 2” were discontinued to pave the way for the new releases Rockin’ in the Classroom from Unidisc Music and an earlier anthology The Best of DC Star Records – 1977/83 from David and Goliath Music.

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