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“American All Star” by Mark Bray Released!

Updated: Mar 30, 2020


Mark’s 12-song debut CD “AMERICAN ALL STAR” is hot off the presses!

From “Country Night” and “Forever Again” to the hard driving “Smackdab” and “Let Me Know That You’re Mine!” there are no B-side cuts here!

The CD features fresh re-writes of two of Mark’s earliest compositions “Someday” & “Then I Wake Up” and a powerful 2-step dance cover of “Rocky Mountain High.”

John Denver’s classic was Mark’s pick for the cover song to record for the project and he does it justice. His story relates to the lyrics in curious ways and this rendition is shaking it up in country music dance clubs in the south where the track is being previewed.

Mark Bray’s first digital release entitled “The Gasoline Blues” featuring the song “Y’Opec” was released in the spring of 2011. “Y’Opec”, described by one critic as “The joke song that isn’t a joke”, is a lighthearted commentary on gas prices that brings levity to an otherwise serious issue. A second EP, “Meet Mark Bray” including the song “Liberty”, hit digital retailers a few months later. “Liberty” is a patriotic song of which the net proceeds from its release on “Meet Mark Bray” are being donated to the A rated veterans charity “Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund”.

We just want everyone to know …There’s a new sheriff in town

and his name is “MARK BRAY”!

AMERICAN ALL STAR was produced by writer / rock guitarist David Simmons for David and Goliath Music. The material was predominately written by he and long time lyricist partner Ray McCrory. It was recorded, engineered & mastered at Secret Sound Studio in Middle River Maryland by Grammy nominated producer and musician John Grant. In addition to Mark’s slick vocals and David’s direction & performances, John Grant played guitar, keyboards, bass, and mandolin and sang many of the background harmonies that give AMERICAN ALL STAR it’s unique sound and feel. This album’s throwback sound combined with bursts of modern, edgy-rock licks result in an engaging collection of American country styles.

Purchase "American All Star" here.

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