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D&G Music releases - “Memories And Fantasy” By DC Star

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

The second album in The DC Star Trilogy “Memories and Fantasy” has been released!

While combing through DC Star material picking the tracks for UNFINISHED BUSINESS it became apparent that one album wouldn’t be enough for all the material. There had to be 2 or 3 discs to hold all of the music.

The name “Memories And Fantasy” came to me as the title and theme for this release after the songs for UNFINISHED BUSINESS were chosen. The original title “Final Farewell” was replaced when drummer Glenn Jones balked. He didn’t like the word “Final”. Hmmmm. To that I agreed and said with a sigh … “Yea, you’re right Glenn. Never say never”. And he is right.

The tracks on “Memories and Fantasy” include two songs from releases that were no longer digitally available; “Live and Love” and the first version recorded in New York of “Feeling Good To Me”. Three tracks, “Tell Me Like it Is” (the first studio version), “Walk Away” and “Play Play Play” came from a 12-song demo session recorded live at National Sound in Baltimore.

The unreleased versions of “Is It You?”, “Makin’ Time”, and “Wasted Time” are from the original (pre-Picture Disc) mixes done by iconic recording engineer Michael Brauer. They are raw and clean. And “Makin’ Time” includes a third verse that was cut from the final version.

The album ends fittingly with the best song from DC Star’s last demo tape “Show Me The Way”. John Frederick, the vocalist who took the job after Ken Taylor left the band, delivers a fine performance. John had recently recorded a demo (produced by Greg Lake of ELP) with another group. But that demo was passed over by the labels so he joined DC Star both live and in the studio for the last year the band toured full time.

These sessions took place at a short-lived studio near Baltimore called Top Hat, recorded and mixed digitally on ADAT equipment by producer / musician J.J. Miceli. It was our first totally digital recording and J.J.’s brother Tony Miceli joined us on the background vocals. Both Tony and J.J. went on to have stellar careers as both musicians and music producers.

On the “Memories and Fantasy” RELEASE page you’ll learn even more about the making of this album and how the 3 DC Star releases came together to be the DC Star Trilogy CD sets.

Without further ado; I hope you enjoy this new release and thank all of you who are still reading. DC Star fans like you are are the people keeping DC Star’s “Memories” alive.

So, Go … Find your own “Fantasy” … and live it.

All the best to you and yours. – David Simmons

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Dec 01, 2022

As with EVERYTHING you do, it'll be OUTSTANDING 🎶🎸🤘

I'm sure we'll all go down Memory Lane heads bopping, hips swaying and fingers snapping. Congratulations my friend❤️ Thanks for all the years you ROCKED us!


Rusty Smith
Rusty Smith
Nov 03, 2022

The best from the best.

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