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Updated: Oct 4, 2022

D&G Music NEWS / August 1st 2022

UNFINISHED BUSINESS is the first of a trilogy of albums by DC Star scheduled for release in 2022. The material for this and the second album untitled “Memories And Fantasy” are from self-financed sessions and demos recorded at studios including Flite 3, National Sound, RCA and Media Sound. The third album “Unplugged” is just that .. Raw, rough song writing demos of favorite songs and new ones as well, all recorded without edits on 4-track reel to reel tapes. These actual songs were never intended to be released but rather produced solely as demos to introduce the band and gain a label deal with an established producer. But those high hopes were not to be.

There was but one other choice that could have been made with the material; it could have been tossed into the landfill of time … like the music of so many artists that never cracked the code to national success. But for the enjoyment of awesome fans of DC Star, and in memory of my friend the gifted vocalist Kenny Taylor, I wanted to put it out there, “bumps, bruises and all” ... perfect words to describe the rough ride DC Star made … all for the love of rock and roll. Compensating for terrible sonic qualities of tape recordings like distortion, high-end sibilance and horrible frequency response that affected most of the tracks took time to figure out. It was only with new mastering programs like iZotope Ozone RX that allowed John Grant and me, David Simmons, to make these versions. More tracks of unpublished songs have been digitally remastered but these are the only ones that could be salvaged well enough for release. I hope you DC Star fans have fun listening! And keep on the watch for the next release “Memories And Fantasy” due out in the early fall.


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