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First-run DC Star T-shirts are on sale now!

Just in time, as Memorial Day signals the upcoming 2020 summer season:

Celebrate the 80’s with your new DC Star Concert T-shirt by D&G Music! 

After years of requests for new DC Star merchandise, the first run of official DC Star T-shirts are ready to ship! The high quality 100% cotton shirts are black with the iconic “Wings” logo designed by LI / NY graphic artist Nora Spalding on the front. 

To introduce the program we are selling these shirts for $19.95 and picking up the postage and handling costs to ship them to you for free! If you are interested in getting yours we encourage you to ORDER ASAP! The re-ordering of additional shirts and potentially other designs depend on the response we get to this initial offering. 

We hope that fond memories of rockin’ days gone by will help offset some anxieties of our new reality and lead us back to times when togetherness was the norm.  

Most of all we wish you a wonderful summer and hopefully we will all be surprised by how the current crisis can re-unite our nation. 

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