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“Give Love!” Single Re-mixed

Updated: Mar 30, 2020


Give Love!” the signature song from David and Goliath Music’s debut release “One” has been re-mixed and digitally re-released. After leading off with the chorus hook this new extended version has an added sing-along section. The new masters were made using iZotope ® Ozone software and present a smoother dynamic edge than the original hard-hitting album cut.

Lead vocalist Tracey Tiernan delivered an incredibly inspired performance on the original tracks. Tracey was a member of Christian group “Unveiled” and currently is a praise leader and popular host of the morning radio show on 95.1 Shine FM. Katie Chambers played the cello solo.

Producers John Grant and David Simmons performed the musical tracks and background vocals and produced the original and new versions.

Listen to the new mix here.

More information about this song can be found on the original release “David and Goliath Music One”.

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