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Spring has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere!

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

David and Goliath Music Launches New Website

For religious and spiritual people, Passover, Good Friday and Easter and are times to celebrate rebirth and resurrection, blessings and redemption, generally a time and a season for everyone to look forward to a new year filled with hope and excitement.

But alas, springtime of 2020 is the most unusual time for us all. A global pandemic has shaken the world and will change our ways of life forever. Most of us have never known an event that caused such a dramatic paradigm shift in our realities. But one thing is certain: We have to face this challenge together.

After months of hard work from Susan Singer of Reach Digital Management and I the new David and Goliath Music website is finally completed Now more than ever, this signifies the end of the musical era I once knew and marks the dawn of a totally new day, not just for me … but for all of us.

I was once a professional performer, the proud guitarist for 80’s rock group DC Star. But silently I suffered from a rare neurological disorder and neuropathies from an injury that slowly robbed me of my ability to play. Except for dabbling in a few projects I gave up music for nearly 25 years. I was successful in business but it never replaced the love of music that was still in my heart. So in 2010 I resigned from my management position and re-entered the music business crippled hands and all.

I was blessed to do what most people never get a chance to do; follow my dreams. And in the pursuit I had another period of some of the best experiences of my life. Unfortunately my physical problems continued to worsen. By 2019 I was suffering from profound issues that could only be addressed by surgery. So in January 2020 I had a 5-level cervical spine fusion known as a laminectomy.

Shortly after the surgery I suffered a vasovagal response that caused me to go into cardiac arrest. I experienced the near death episode of being bathed in bright light and feeling total peace while I believed I was dying. The fast actions of the hospital staff saved my life but CPR left me injured on top of the complicated operation. My head was immobilized in a cervical collar and I was unable to drive for 8 weeks.

Then, we all got rocked with the ravages of a new global virus.

Special thanks to Susan Singer for all the help with the website project and friendship along the way. While I was worrying about and then recovering from surgery, she and her husband Keith were planning their stressful relocation from New England to Central Virginia. They were so excited about the move, which is taking place next weekend, and then … well, you know the rest of the story.

And a last side note; a month after my spine operation Ray “Goliath” McCrory, my writing partner and 2nd namesake of David and Goliath Music, had hip replacement surgery and began his rehab just days before the shutdowns began.

Why, you ask, is all of this personal information relevant to our new website?

In the big picture; the stressful challenges that we faced, just like every one of you, took a different perspective when Covid-19 assaulted us all. Social distancing interrupted our existence and the awful news of those who have suffered and died is tragic.

But perhaps social distancing will remind us that our happiness does not come from the things we attain but from within ourselves. And hopefully, as we go forward, this introspective will help us be far more grateful for all of our wonderful blessings.

We pray God’s Grace and Mercy will protect you and yours as we look toward the horizon for answers with anxious anticipation.

We sure do hope you like the new website!

And most of all, always remember to:

“Give Love!”

David Simmons / David and Goliath Music

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