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Welcome to David & Goliath Music

Updated: Apr 1, 2020


Greetings! David and Goliath Music BMI, a new website platform for original songs, music & lyrics, was officially established in 2010 by me, David Simmons, a musician, songwriter and business man living in Baltimore Maryland. I was a guitarist and principle writer in circa 80’s rock group DC Star. My writing partner Ray McCrory and I penned most of the group’s material including “Is It You?”, “Fortuneteller”, “Stop the World From Turning” and over 100 other songs.

In the 70’s & 80’s, recordings were still done on vinyl records. But now for the first time ever, digitally re-mastered releases of DC Star’s records are available! The occasion presented the perfect opportunity for the rebirth of David and Goliath Music; a mature resurrection of our 80’s BMI publishing umbrella “Davey & Goliath Music”.

After a long hiatus from the music business during which time we both raised families and developed successful careers outside the industry, Ray and I are collaborating again. Our first new project for publishers in Nashville was completed in 2007 and the need for a web presence at that time wasn’t important. But it is 2011 and the winds are changing for us and, so it seems, for almost everyone. In addition to offering original songs in Rock, Country Rock, Commercial Crossover and Christian genres, I am producing a CD for country singer Mark Bray and recording material for several new rock projects.

Ancient Tibetan philosophy says “The longest journey starts with one step.”

So here we are. After many years absent from the music scene and many years before that buried in it; we take our first step, all over again. This site has just been launched and currently has but a few select sample clips. But new music releases and song downloads are right around the corner! With the difficult promise to forge on, there is much to be done.

Although most will say “you are a fool to follow your dreams” or “you are crazy because every battle will end in defeat”, we follow our hearts and press on because it is part of the war we fight in our lives. And regardless of whether the battles are lost or won; let the war be fought with cunning and truth, bravery and perseverance. Let soothing sounds of keyboards & gentle strings lead to soaring choruses that explode with distorted guitars, thunderous drums and crashing cymbals; assaulting amidst the din both innocent and adversary with a blunt melodic message that brings joy to hearts and makes a glorious noise before whatever God to whom you bow. And as for David & Goliath; we choose Jesus Christ the Redeemer, our Lord and Savior. Every day in some way He is doing a new thing in each and everyone of us. Thus we are granted gifts, new identities and new talents to use serving others for His glory.  By His grace and mercy we are saved through faith.  Old thoughts and motives pass away.  We are His servants and He commands us to accept great responsibility and rejoice.  He is the Messiah, the Great Healer and the Mender of all things broken.

David Simmons / David & Goliath Music Executive Producer / Guitarist / Songwriter

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