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New CDs memorialize DC Star and vocalist Kenny Taylor.

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

The passing of iconic front man Kenny Taylor on 5.21.2011 marked the end of the DC Star. To commemorate the 10 year anniversary David and Goliath Music replaced “Best of DC Star Records” CD duplications with souvenir CDs manufactured in the USA by Disc Makers.

Although the music, originally released digitally in 2015, is unchanged from the earlier CD, fans that collect records and CDs can get this official DC Star release on disc with its originally designed souvenir jacket. To celebrate, the new CDs are on sale for $7.95!

The other new DC Star CD release is their 1985 Mirage Atlantic record “Rockin’ In The Classroom”. Canadian label Unidisc acquired mechanical rights to the Atlantic record and similar to “The Best of DC Star Records” also digitally released “Rockin’ In The Classroom” in 2015.

Ironically Unidisc waited until 2021 to produce their collectors CD too. It is a cool retro package using the original Mirage album design art, credits and label. The CDs are sold on Amazon but availability is uncertain. We have reached out to Unidisc several times for more information but so far have not heard back from them.

View the release for Rockin' In The Classroom >> HERE

View the release for The Best of DC Star >> HERE

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